History of Dove Way

The Dove Way dream dates back to 2004 when Rob and Samantha first met in Hoboken, New Jersey. Rob, a native of Abington, Massachusetts, and Samantha, a Philadelphian from birth, had spent many years living in cities throughout the Northeast. They always dreamed of owning a quiet private property on many acres that they could develop, personalize, and share with the world.

Rob dreamed of finding a home in the Maine woods where he could build a private oasis filled with secret gardens, hidden paths, lots of space for games and adventure, and even a secret treehouse or two.

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Sam’s dreams were quite different at first. She’d always envisioned her dream vacation home as a bungalow tucked away on a tropical beach. But it turned out that being near water was what was most important to her, so a pristine lakeside nest in the mountains of Maine would be just the thing. When she and Rob visited their friends at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn in 2013, they knew they’d found the location in the adorable town of Norway, Maine to realize their dreams.

They soon found Dove Way and were immediately enchanted by this stunning year-round waterfront home on Lake Pennesseewassee. The property is beautifully sited on 9 acres with views of the mountains and access to more than 150 feet of unspoiled lakefront. Dove Way offered a vast blank canvas for Rob and a peaceful oasis for Sam. So they made their move and made Dove Way a part of their family in 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Guests Can Dove Way Accommodate?
A: We can accommodate up to 10 guest.
Q: Are we allowed to host parties/ events at Dove Way?
A: Dove Way is only to be used by guests staying on the premises. We are not an event venue and the grounds cannot be used as such.
Q: How Many Bedrooms Does Dove Way Have?
A: We have three bedrooms and a lower level suite. The first floor has a master bedroom with a queen bed and master bathroom. The upstairs has two bedrooms. The first bedroom (The Plaid Room), houses two extra long twins (perfect for an adult). The second bedroom (The Stripe Room), has a full sized bed and two extra long twin beds (perfect for a family of four). Finally, our lower level has a queen sized bedroom with mini-living room.
Q: Does Dove Way Allow Pets?
A: We do not allow any pets, and hold a strict policy on this.
Q: Does Dove Way Provide Bath Towels & Sheets?
A: Yes, all beds will be made up with sheets upon arrival. Guests will also have a set of bath towels for their stay, note we do not provide towels for lake use. Guests will have to bring their own lake towels
Q: Does Dove Way Have Age Restrictions?
A: No, we do not have age restrictions for guests, however we require any children under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult at all time when on our property.
Q: Does Dove Way Have A Dock?
A: Yes, we do have a dock. You are able to dock a boat or watercraft. Please note, Dove Way does not assume any responsibility or liability for use of the lake or dock. And will be required to agree to this upon signing our rental agreement.
Q: Does Dove Way Offer Lake Toys (Kayaks, Boats etc.)?
A: No, we do not provide any lake toys. They are available for rent at the local marina.
Q: How Far Is The Lake From The Main House?
A: The lake and dock is a 3 minute stunning walk downhill.

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